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❤ TCG;; moonlight legend 
3rd-Feb-2030 09:13 pm
★ Lolita

Username: Jinniex3
Joined: 08 May, 2010
Status: Closed for now

Card count: 80  ☆ Card worth: 86
Currently Collecting: Twinkle Yell

(x6) (x6)

Twinkle Yell (9/20)

Trading (20 worth 20)

Might Trade (25 worth 27)


Future collections (28 worth 35)


 Member Cards

(newest to oldest)

08 June, 2010:
puzzle series(5): love02, soldier06, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points
puzzle series(4): eternalbeauty19, princessappears05
puzzle series(3): finalstage17, smsfinaleone02
07 June, 2010:
puzzle series(2): tuxedokamen01, uranusplanet07
puzzle series(1): smrfinaleone19, smsopeningthree12
war: marsappears01, flowerofevil11
mega memory: darkwater05, oshiokiyo14
jigsaw: darkwater08, smsfinaleone14, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
Update (06 june): supersfinaleone01, supersfinaletwo01
03 June, 2010:
avatar contest (may): regular coupon, guides01, venusappears11, 2 Sailor Wars Points
freebies: toofamiliar15, conceptart01, 1 Starseed Point
wishing well: twinkle yell04/05/06, 10 Starseed Points
trivia: royalty10, regular coupon, 2 Starseed Points
02 June, 2010:
traded Lexie` my firesoul02 & membercard for ttwinkleyell13 & membercard
01 June, 2010:
traded urora Avalon` my iceprincess09, sevengreatyouma20, loveheals08 & membercard for twinkleyell01, secretmeeting04/16 & membercard
traded Sakura` my christmas0908 & membercard for violinist05 & membercard
31 May, 2010:
jigsaw: sevengreatyouma20, ssopeningone19, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
Slots (consolation prize): 1 Starseed point
puzzle: plutoplanet13, weareamused01, 1 Starseed Point
zoom: swordblaster18, venusmoon15, 1 Starseed Point
war: oshiokiyo07, secretmeeting12
mega memory: gentleuterus16, shamelessflirt03
lost and found: charmbuster03, swordblaster10, 1 Starseed Point
19 May, 2010:
traded Azurei` my sensitiveinferno07 for twinkleyell07
16 May, 2010:
Update!: getmoving11, itsatrap12, and igiveup06
odd one out: 300decks19, narrowescape14, 1 Starseed Point
slots (small prize): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
puzzle: loveheals08, tornapart17, 1 Starseed Point
09 May, 2010:
puzzle series(5): chibiarmy05, violinist04, special coupon, 5 Starseed Points
jigsaw: jupiterstar18, smrfinaleone04, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
mega memory: firesoul02, yourhands12
mystery beast: sabaospray05, whiteknight07, regular coupon, 1 Starseed Point
08 May, 2010: Joined moonlight legend.
starter pack: twinkleyell09, twinkleyell11, twinkleyell20, aquaillusionsv06, darkthunder05, 1000points17, sensitiveinferno07, mothersgift05
odd one out: intoenemyhands18, reflection19, 1 Starseed Point
puzzle: iceprincess09, venuspower09, 1 Starseed Point
slots (small prize): regular coupon, 1 Starseed point
lotto (1 number) [wagered intoenemyhands18]: therapykisslv20
war: sweetscent14, partinggifts13
mega memory: reunion03, wreath11
jigsaw: defenderstwo08, nostalgia01, special coupon, 2 Starseed Points
trivia: christmas0908, regular coupon, 2 Starseed Points
freebies: senshiagain20, channeltwo07, 1 Starseed Point
puzzle series(1): mooncrystal06, mothersgift19
puzzle series(2): rudeawakening14, twomessiahs17
puzzle series(3): cartoontheater03, oshiokiyo01
puzzle series(4): gentleuterus12, narrowescape18
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