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AP Wishlist ♥ 
1st-Mar-2030 12:00 am
Angelic Pretty: Wonder Party
Sets/items I want from Angelic Pretty! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*♥:・゚

Sugary Carnival

♥♥♥ Black colourway ONLY! Re-release is fine!
Marshmallow Border OTK socks in black to match, please~

Dream Sky

Twinkle OTK socks, too~

Tiara Rose

Chest Ribbon JSK in Pink and Lavender colourways. Will gladly trade/PT my sax skirt for either JSK version!
Also want the headbow in all colourways but black~

Lady Rose

Either jsk style or skirt, and any colourway! (Please no lavender for the socks though...)

Whimsical Vanilla-chan

Kitties! ♥ Also like Round JSK version! Interested in all colourways except pink.

Rose Princess Doll JSK or OP

Gorgeous!! (。♥ᴥ♥。) Yellow colorway too, but sax or pink prefered!

Chest Ribbon Strawberry Floral JSK

(Only want white colourway)
This is a looooong shot, but hey! Would work well with himegyaru too ♥

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