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2nd-Feb-2030 05:43 pm - ❤ TCG;; Crystal Tokyo
Gothic Lolita Ensemble ❤
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Sailor Mercury (anime)
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2nd-Feb-2030 03:40 pm - ❤ TCG;; EVOLUTION
Professor Layton: Bunnies!

Username: Jinniex3
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27th-May-2011 03:11 pm - Pokemon cards for sale/trade
Pokemon: Peeky-Caterpie!
Pokemon: Base 1
#52 Machop (x2)
#59 Poliwag (x1)
#93 Gust of Wind (x1)
#94 Potion (x1)
Pokemon: Fossil
#38 Kingler (x1)
#46 Ekans (x1)
#48 Grimer (x1)
#49 Horsea (x1)
#51 Krabby (x1)
#53 Omanyte (x1)
#54 Shellder (x1)
#55 Slowpoke (x1)
#59 Energy Search (x1)
#60 Gamble (x1)
#61 Recycle (x4)
#62 Mysterious Fossil (x1)
Pokemon: Jungle
#56 Meowth (x3)
#61 Rhyhorn (x1)

Pokemon: Base 2
#61 Seel (x1)
#66 Bellsprout (x1)
#82 Nidoran ♀ (x3)
#87 Pikachu (x1)
#113 Plus Power (x2)
#117 Super Potion (x1)
#118 Bill (x1)
#119 Energy Removal (x2)
#120 Gust of Wind (x1)
#122 Potion (x1)
#123 Switch (x1)
Pokemon: Team Rocket
#65 Psyduck (x1)

 Pokemon: Gym Heroes
#57 Misty's Tentacool (x1)
#62 Blaine's Growlithe (x1)
#63 Blaine's Ponyta (x1)
#76 Erika's Bellsprout (x1)
#78 Erika's Oddish (x2)
#79 Erika's Tangela (x1)
#107 Celadon City Gym (x1)
#119 Tickling Machine (x1)
#124 Narrow Gym (x1)
#125 Sabrina's Gaze (x1)
Pokemon: Gym Challenge
#71 Erika's Paras (x1)
#79 Koga's Koffing (x2)
#86 Lt.Surge's Volrtorb (x1)
#96 Sabrina's Gastly (x1)
#98 Sabrina's Porygon (x1)
#111 Blaine's Quiz #2 (x1)
#123 Viridian City Gym (x1)
#125 Transparent Walls (x2)

Pokemon: Promos

Ancient Mew (x1)

15th-Dec-2009 06:47 pm - ;A;
♥ Ruu & Suu
So lately I haven't been posting on here often. I need to get in the habit again. Ha. :D

Well, sadly, this update will be pretty depressing.
Someone from my high school died. A girl that I've known since I was small by the name of Angel Anthony. Yesterday morning around 8:07, she was in a car with Delsia Radlin and Cameron Bush. Delsia was driving (speeding), and also texting. The fog and harsh rains made visibility minimal. Delsia's vehicle hydroplaned and collided with a tree, splitting the car in half down the front part of the car. Now Angel, poor sweet Angel, wasn't wearing her seatbelt (neither was Delsia)... Delsia slammed into the steering wheel, Cameron got hit by the airbag (he was the only one wearing his seatbelt), but Angel... her body driven by the impact was ejected from her seat and collided with the windshield. The police were called and Angel was taken away by Life-Flight, only to arrive at the hospital and be declared as D.O.A...

Delsia is being charged with Involuntary Manslaughter, along with Reckless Driving and for breaking the law of having passenger (not family) in her vehicle while only being 16. Honestly, Delsia isn't the only one at fault. If Angel had been wearing her seatbelt, she would have been fine, I'm sure. It was her time though, and now she's with God and will truly be an angel in Heaven along His side...

I want everyone to be safe, please. Wear your seatbelt no matter how short the distance you're driving. Don't speed, and don't text while driving. Keep your eyes on the road since you never know what hazards may appear.

Angel didn't wake up yesterday morning knowing that it was her day to leave Earth and be taken to Heaven. She especially didn't know the grief and sadness that would linger in her absense. So please don't take life for granted. Any second could be your time to leave and be with God, so cherish every moment you have of your life.
May she be peaceful with God...
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