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Wherever I go, I'll take you with me ♡

This is my promise to you.

Caylee ✭
Caylee ✭.
18 years old. Female.
◸I am absolutely, positively, down-right in love with Lolita & Hime fashion ♡◿.

Likes: boufants, candy, cats, CLAMP, colouring books, colours, fairytales, frills, glitter, hime, lace, mint, pastels, painting, Pokemon, ribbons, thrifting

Dislikes: disrespectful people, drama/attention whores, druggies, fakes, homophobes, "Portertypes"

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80s music, abstract thinking, acceptance, alice in wonderland, angelic pretty, angleic pretty, animals, anime, anime conventions, aquariums, artbooks, baking, bass, beads, bjds, bondage, bows, bracelets, bright colors, bright eyes, btssb, bubble tea, cake, candy, cardcaptor sakura, cats, chalk, clamp, colours, comfort, concerts, cooking, crayons, cream soda, creating, creativity, cuddling, cute things, dark chocolate, dekora, disney, eccentricity, egl, emoticons, eurobeat, explosions, fairy kei fashion, glitter, goodwill, gothic and lolita bible, gto, gundam wing, hair dye, happiness, hello!project, holding hands, ipods, jdrama, jpop, jrock, kamikaze girls, katekyo hitman reborn!, keyboard cat, kisses, kobato, kpop, lace, laughing, layouts, leapard print, letters, lolita, lolita fashion, love, love letters, loving, manga, metamorphose, mint, music, my pokemans, nature, nintendo, online tcgs, pan's labyrinth, pansexuality, paper stars, papercrafts, pasta, petticoats, phone charms, photography, piercings, pink, pink hair, plushies, pokemon, pokemon games, postcards, poupee girl, professor layton, putumayo, ribbons, rice pudding, sanrio, sarcasm, second hand shops, shiny objects, shounen-ai, singing, smiles, spank!, sparkles, stickers, strawberries, strawberry panic!, stuffed animals, sweet lolita, tcgs, thrift, thrift stores, thrifting, tutus, tvxq, ueto aya, video games, vintage clothing, violin, vulgarity, watercolours, whales, wit, witticism, xxx, yaoi, , (´・ω・`)